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Family Support Services

Muslim Care provides specific family support services and programs that responds to changing needs of families. We work closely through the provision of counselling, group work and diverse activities which serve to empower families and to restore confidence and self-esteem.


Our Aim is to:

  • Provide alternative approaches to management of conflict in accordance with Islamic perspective
  • Develop parenting programs designed to improve outcomes for children; families and the wider community
  • Develop activities aimed at improving the health, safety and wellbeing of parents; children and families.
  • Work closely with parents; clients; families; children and young people to help them to explore their own strength and suggest their own solution
  • Develop good practice/partnership model with other service providers and agencies to enhance positive outcomes for families and individuals
  • Develop preventive strategies
  • Develop and implement intervention strategies aimed at strengthening the important role of the family
  • Focus on activities that strengthen family/parent/child/community relationship
  • Develop/design/deliver programs and strategies for dysfunctional families and for parents at risk of breaking down
  • Work with parents and families to better understand and deal with concerns about their children
  • Recognise that religion, the maintenance of faith plays an integral and all-encompassing role in the life and success of the family and individual
  • The development of a healthy family is a core goal of Muslim care
  • The focus of all activities and services provided seeks to enhance the family’s and children’s sense of security and belonging
  • Develop programs that enhance social skills
  • Address behavioural problems by equipping children with Islamic values based on love, compassion, respect and peace