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What we Offer

Muslim Care Youth Services provides programs for young people who are facing difficulties in their lives. These issues may be brought about by bullying, violence, family breakdown, poor school attendance, alcohol and other drug abuse, homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.



Muslim Care Youth Services seeks to assist young people to re-establish family relationships, connect with support services and learn to value themselves and maximise their capabilities in every area of their lives.  We recognise the need to meet young people on their own ground.


Philosophy of Care

Muslim Care is dedicated to supporting and nurturing young people and their families, motivated by the belief that strong families are at the heart of strong communities. We emphasise the strengths that young people have while recognising that going through the adolescent years can be a time of great transition and can sometimes be difficult.


We believe that all young people have the ability to thrive and contribute positively to the communities in which they live. The primary focus of the Muslim Care Youth Services is the welfare and best interests of the young person.


Muslim Care believes in the worth and value of every young person and aims to enhance their skills, opportunities, knowledge and safety in whatever way we can.