Ready To Serve

At MuslimCare we are committed to serve. We serve the community through facilitating our services to our brothers and sisters from all walks of life, making memories and long-lasting friendships.


Our Story

In 2014, Muslim Care was established. Before establishing as a Not-For-Profit organisation, we passionately served the community for over 25 years. Starting off as a day centre, we held regular activities with the aims to promote well-being and independence for the elderly, through providing and promoting social and health-related services.


Our desire to serve and nurture one another has always been a driving force that prompted endeavours to work with Senior citizens within the wider community.​



To be judged worthy of God's rewards by actively building and growing our community and supporting those in need.



To be an inclusive organisation focused on servicing all as we would like to be serviced.



To follow the example of the Prophet by working passionately and tirelessly to make the lives of the people we care for better.





Our Values


- Compassion


- Altruism

- Respect



- Equality

Here To Serve:


-  Show Islamic values in action. 


-  Extend Islamic teachings and understanding.


-  Raise personal potential, initiative and leadership skills.


-  Value diverse identities of staff, volunteers and clients.


-  Engage with the community members and organisations to achieve mutual goals.

Our Future

Muslim Care is constantly working towards developing and improving services for the wider community.


Our experience in the educational sector, where we started with nothing but passion to establish a successful international school, has taught us the value of human resources in our community.


We are currently working to continually develop our services with a particular focus on commencing Residential Aged Care services.


We would like to take this opportunity to seek the assistance and cooperation of anyone who is able to lend a hand to contribute their time, expertise, funds or any other form of support to further Muslim Care’s success.


If you would like further information, please contact us. We value your suggestions, feedback and involvement.