Leading Together

What is the program?

Leading Together is a program for adolescents who are passionate about advocating their views in a positive and influential way. Young people with a voice waiting to be heard to make a difference and positive change in achieving a harmonious future. Youth that can lead the way forward together.

  • What does the program involve?

    The program will prepare people aged 16-25 years to:

    • Develop leadership skills

    • Express and articulate opinions with confidence

    • Broaden and deepen social networks and civic participation

    • Interact with diverse prominent leaders across organisations, including academics, politicians, community leaders and more

    • Learn to work together to achieve positive and effective change


    The program builds confident, positive and creative leaders who can represent the community and lead the path for others in the future.


    Upon completion graduates will return to the wider community with enhanced leadership skills, the capacity to make a change and address future challenges that may arise in an effective manner.

  • Program Outline

    The leading together program will commence at the end of January every year with an information session which provides participants with information regarding workshops, visits and activities. This will also be an opportunity for our young leaders to get to know one another prior to starting this journey together!

    Following this, the young leaders will participate one day a month for the duration of the all year program.

  • Application

    Applications can be made on our website through the following link containing the registration form (click here).

    Upon completion please forward your application form to lt@muslimcare.org.au by 5:00 pm on the first Friday of January each year. Alternatively, you may hand in your completed form to our office located at 3/2 Carrington Street, Campsie.

    A selection of 20 young people aged 16-25 years will be chosen for the program. Shortlisted participants will be contacted in mid-January to attend the information session and commence the program.

  • Cost

    The program will cost $150 covering administration costs.

If you require any further information or have any questions regarding the program please contact lt@muslimcare.org.au or (02) 8937 2590