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Am I getting good ‘value for money’ for the services I receive?

At Muslim Care, We Provide You With The Car Services That Will Meet Your Identified Needs, Based On A Thorough Assessment Of Your Situation Using Our Professionally Designed Assessment Tools To Determine The Services You Need.

Our Staff Has Vast Experience In The Community Sector And Case Management Practices And They Provide You With High Level Of Professional Services, And They Will Develop Your Care Plan With You And Will Review The Plans Regularly To Ensure That Any Future Changes Have Been Included And Needs Have Been Identified And Addressed On Time.

We Listen To Your Needs And Respond Timely To Your Enquiries And Will Provide You With Qualified Advice And Assistance.

Our Workers Come From Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (CALD) And Majority Of Our Clients Speak A Second Language That Is Spoken By Our Client Groups.

The My Aged Care Website Is Useful For Comparing Providers.


Providers Should Have A Comprehensive Pricing Schedule On Their Website. The Number Of Direct Support Hours Will Not Be The Same Across All Providers.