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If You’re Having Trouble With Everyday Tasks And Feel That A Little Support Could Improve Your Health And Wellbeing, CHSP Could Be Right For You. To Be Eligible For This Program, You Must Be Aged:

  • 65 Years Or Older (50 Years Or Older For Aboriginal Or Torres Strait Islander People)
  • Or 50 Years Or Older (45 Years Or Older For Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People) And On A Low Income, Homeless, Or At Risk Of Being Homeless.
CHSP Will Provide Successful Applicants With Individual Codes That Can Be Used With An Approved CHSP Provider And Will Also Be Expected To Contribute To The Cost Of Services.   Home Care Packages (HCP) Are One Of The Ways That Older Australians Can Access Affordable Care Services To Get Some Help At Home. They Are Designed For Those With More Complex Care Needs That Go Beyond What The Commonwealth Home Support Program Can Provide.   Home Care Packages Can Be An Option If You Need A Coordinated Approach To The Delivery Of Your Help At Home - Perhaps Because You Need Help With Many Everyday Tasks, Or The Care You Need Is More Complex Or Intensive.   Each Package Level Has A Daily Amount Of Subsidy That Will Be Provided To Your Nominated Home Care Provider. At The Moment Of Publication Of This Information, The Daily Fees Are:
  • Level 1: $24.73
  • Level 2: $43.5
  • Level 3: $94.66
  • Level 4: $143.5
You May Also Be Eligible To Receive Additional Supplements Such As Oxygen, Enteral Feeding, Dementia, And Veterans' Supplement.

When Your Application For CHSP Is Accepted, You Are Expected To Contribute To The Cost Of Your Care Services. You Can Find All The Details Here

No Worries. If You Don’t Wish To Take Part In An Assessment Or Are Not Eligible For The Commonwealth Home Support Programme, You Are Still Able To Access Aged Care Services Through Our General Welfare Services. Muslimcare Is Always Here For You Regardless Of Your Age Or Qualification To Government-Funded Programs. Read More Here Or Call Us On 02 8011 0911 And We Will Be Happy To Assist You.

Muslimcare Is Ready To Start Managing And Executing Your Care Plan Once You Know You Are Eligible.

No, You Can’t Use Both Plans Simultaneously. However, If You Receive A Home Care Package, You Will Not Need The Commonwealth Home Support Programme Services, As You Can Find Replacements For Them In Your Home Care Package.

For A Satisfying Experience, You Should Do These Things To Prepare Your Loved One For Respite Care:

  • Decide On Your Loved One’s Needs During The Respite Care Time, Especially Medications.
  • Inform Carers About Loved One’s Medical Conditions And Allergies.
  • Inform Carers About Your Loved One’s Preferences, Personality, And Employment History.
  • Make Sure You Explain To Him/Her What  Respite Care Is And What To Expect.

Yes, You Can.
Respite Care Is Not Only For Seniors. If You Are Taking Care Of A Child With A Disability, You Deserve Some Rest And Time For Yourself Too.

Social Support Groups Are Centered Around Outdoor Engagement. Before Any Outing, We Conduct Extensive Research To Determine The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Our Outing Destination, So That We Put Your Health And Safety First.

My Aged Care advertises three primary types of care on their website: Help at Home, Short Term Care and Residential Care. The Government recognises two types of care needs for help at home: Entry-Level care, also known as the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and More Complex Care, known as the Home Care Packages (HCP). If you can manage, but need support with a few tasks, you could be eligible for subsidised support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). This program aims to help those who need a low level of support to keep living independently. Only recommended to those who need one or two services. Home Care Packages are for those with greater or more complex care needs. If you need much care and support services on an ongoing basis, you could be eligible for a Home Care Package. Home Care Packages provide a number of services to meet your needs.

There Is No Right Or Wrong When It Comes To Finding Care That Suits You. Home Care Allows Individuals To Keep Their Independence And Dignity And Remain In The Comfort And Security Of Their Own Home For As Long As Possible. Receiving Care From Your Home Allows You To Live Your Days On Your Schedule With The Added Assistance From Us.

If You Are Eligible For A Home Care Package, It’s Important To Know That Home Care Package Is Income Tested, And You Need To Understand What Fees You May Have To Pay, How Much The Government Will Contribute, And How Your Budget Works.
For Example, A Single Person With An Income Above $27,284 May Pay Up To $15.12 Per Day. A Single Person With An Income Above $52,686 May Need To Pay Up To $30.25 Per Day.
Income Thresholds For Couples Are Lower. The Fees You Pay Do Have Annual Caps, And The Maximum Lifetime Cap Is $66,078.
People Receiving A Pension May Not Need To Contribute To Their Home Care Package.

A Home Care Package Is Based On Your Level Of Care And Support Needs. Rounded Values For Each Package Are:

  • Level 1 (Basic Needs) - $9026.45
  • Level 2 (Low Care Needs) - $15877.5
  • Level 3 (Intermediate Care Needs) - $34550.9
  • Level 4 (High Care Needs) - $52377.5

Once Your Assessment Is Done And Your Need Level Is Determined, The Time Required For You To Get Your Package Depends On Your Package Level. The Urgency Of Your Needs Is Also Considered. Those With Higher Or More Urgent Needs Are Prioritised To Receive Services. For Those With Medium-Priority Needs, The Average Wait Time Before Receiving A Home Care Package Is As Follows:

Package Level Approximate wait time
Level 1 3 - 6 Months
Level 2 9 - 12 Months
Level 3 9 - 12 Months
Level 4 9 - 12 Months
* Last Received 31 May 2021. Please Note That This Data Is Based On Myagedcare Website. Numbers May Change According To The Information Listed On Their Website.

The Home Care Package Will Be Customized To Your Requirements. As A General Rule Of Thumb, You Can Expect Up To:

  1. Level 1 (Basic Needs) - 2 Hrs Per Week
  2. Level 2 (Low Care Needs) - 3-4 Hrs Per Week
  3. Level 3 (Intermediate Care Needs) - 7-9 Hours Per Week
  4. Level 4 (High Care Needs) - 11-13 Hours Per Week

  1. Services Are Varied And May Include - Personal Care, Shopping Assistance, Home Cleaning, Gardening And Mowing, Physiotherapy And Other Allied Health, Transport, Mobility Aids, Home Modifications, Meal Preparation, Nursing Care, Continence Products, Home Safety, Personal Alarms, Respite And Socialisation - Generally Any Service To Support Your Health And Well-being.
  2. Home Care Package Funds Cannot Be Used As A General Source Of Income For Items Such As Day-to-day Bills, Food, Mortgage Payments Or Rent, Holidays, Entertainment And Gambling As An Example. You Can Find A Full List Of Exclusions On Https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/
Subsidy Inclusions Are:
  • Personal Services - Bathing, Showering & Toileting, Dressing/undressing, Mobility, Communication.
  • Nutrition & Hydration- Meal Preparation, Special Diets For Health/religious/cultural, Assistance Using Eating Utensils & Assisting With Feeding.
  • Continence Management- Assistance Using Continence Aids, Appliances Such As Absorbent Aids, Commode Chairs, Bedpans And Urinals, And Catheters And Enemas.
  • Mobility & Dexterity- Crutches, Quadruped Walkers, Walking Sticks, Mechanical Devices For Lifting, Bed Rails, Slide Sheets, Sheepskin And Tri-pillows, Pressure Relieving Mattresses, Assistance With Using Aids.
  • Nursing, Allied Health And Therapy Services- Speech Therapy, Occupational Or Physiotherapy, Seeing And Hearing Clinical Services.
  • Transport And Personal Assistance- Assistance With Shopping Visits To Health Practitioners, Attending Social Activities.
  • Management For Skin Integrity- Assistance With Bandages, Dressings And Skin Emollients.
  • Other- Telehealth: Technology To Assist With Health Care, Assistive Technology: Mobility, Personal Safety And Communication, Aids And Equipment: To Assist With Daily Living Tasks.

  • Items That Would Normally Be Purchased Out Of General Income.
  • Buying Food, Except As Part Of Enteral Feeding Requirements.
  • Payment For Permanent Accommodation, Including Assistance With The Home Purchase, Mortgage Payments Or Rent.
  • Payment Of Home Care Fees.
  • Payment Of Fees Or Charges For Other Types Of Care Funded Or Jointly Funded By The Australian Government.
  • Home Modifications Or Assets That Are Not Related To Your Care Needs.
  • Travel And Accommodation For Holidays.
  • Cost Of Entertainment Activities, Such As Club Memberships And Tickets To Sporting Events.
  • Gambling Activities.
  • Payment For Services And Items Covered By The Medicare Benefits Schedule Or The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Yes, Of Course You Can.

  • When You Nominate Muslim Care As Your Preferred Home Care Provider, We Will Contact You And Organise A Time To Get To Know Each Other, So We Can Understand Your Individual Needs.
  • We Are Committed To Developing A Strong Relationship Of Trust And Transparency With Our Clients, So That They May Receive The Best Care, More In Tune With Their Needs.
  • With You Or Any Family Or Friends Of Your Choosing, We Will Develop A Care Plan Outlining The Services You Will Receive Based On Your Needs And Preferences.
  • With Full Transparency We Communicate The Terms And Conditions Of Your Plan, And Work With You To Ensure You Have A Comprehensive Understanding Of How Your Plan Works.

  • A Home Care Package Is Available For People Over 65 Years Of Age (over 50 Years Of Age For Aboriginal And Torres Straits Islander People) Who Require Assistance To Live At Home.
  • Your Needs Will Be Assessed By My Aged Care Who Will Determine Your Eligibility. Their Phone Number Is 1800 200 422.
  • My Aged Care May Provide An Assessment For Subsidised Services Under The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). This Is Not A Home Care Package But May Offer Some Interim Support.

No worries. If you don’t wish to take part in an assessment or are not eligible for Home Care Packages, you are still able to access aged care services through Our General Welfare Services. MuslimCare Takes It Upon Itself To Aid Those Undergoing Hardships, And Relieve Their Burdens Regardless Of Age, Residence, Or The Circumstances They Need Help With. Read More Here Or Call Us On 02 8011 0911 And We Will Be Happy To Assist You.

You can contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford it. Your contribution is made up of three types of fees:

  1. Basic daily fee (up to $10.85 from 20 March 2021) Your provider may ask you to pay a basic daily fee based on your home care package level.
  2. Income-tested care fee (up to $31.14 from 20 March 2021) Some people may also have to pay an income-tested care fee. Whether you pay it, and how much of it you pay, is determined through a formal income assessment from the Services Australia. If you have to pay this fee, there are annual and lifetime limits on how much you can be asked to pay.
  3. Additional fees Any other amount you have agreed to pay for extra care and services that wouldn’t otherwise be covered by your Home Care Package.

An income assessment is only required if you have to pay an income-tested care fee as a client contribution for your Home Care Package. It is undertaken by the government and is based on your income only.

  1. You Can Either Contact Service NSW To Assist You With The Process Or Reach Out To Us At 02 80110911 Or Email Us At eapa@muslimcare.org.au.
  2. Inform Your Energy Provider That You Have Made An Appointment For EAPA Assessment
  3. We Will Assess Your Eligibility And Determine Whether You Are Approved For Energy Assistance And How Many Vouchers Will Be Applied To Your Account.
  4. Your Vouchers Will Be Submitted Electronically Straight To The Provider And They Will Be Paid Into Your Account Within 14 Business Days.
  5. We Can Help You Arrange A Payment Plan With Your Provider For The Remainder Of The Bill.

EAPA Vouchers Have Some Limits You need to know. You Can’t Use Vouchers To Put Your Energy Account Into Credit, On Closed Accounts, Or If Your Account Has Already Been Paid.

Each EAPA Voucher Is Worth $50.

An EAPA Client Can Get A Maximum Of:

  • $300 (6 Vouchers) Per Bill.
  • $600 (12 Vouchers) Per Financial Year, Household & Energy Type (Electricity & Gas).
  • Two EAPA Grants Per Household Per Energy Type Per Financial Year.
  • Two EAPA Grants Per Bill.

You Are Not Eligible For EAPA If You:

  • Use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) For Gas Supply.
  • Live In Embedded Networks (E.G. Some Strata Plans, Retirement Villages And Residential Parks).
  • Have Already Paid Your Energy Bill.
  • Have A Business Account.
  • Are Not The Account Holder And The Bill Is In Another Person’s Name.
  • Have Closed Your Energy Account.
  • Have Been Assessed To Be Ineligible For EAPA For The Current Billing Period.
  • Have Received EAPA In The Past 6 Months For The Same Energy Account.

Your Insurance Company Or Doctor Can Refer You To Us, If You Mention You Would Like Help From MuslimCare Rather Than Going To Rehab.

Don’t Let This Prevent You From Contacting Us. Muslimcare Can Work Together With You To Figure Out The Best Course Of Action To Help You.

No, Private Care Is Not Government-Funded. To Access Private Care Services, You Pay For It Through Your Personal Insurance Provider, Or Directly From Your Own Pocket.

The Application For The Leading Together Program Is Open For Those Aged 16-25 Years.

The Leading Together Program Commences Once The Program’s Steering Committee Chooses 15-20 Participants. To Apply For Participation You Need To:

  • Be 15-25 Years Old.
  • Fill The Application Form
  • And Send It To Us By?
  • Pass The Interview

  • This Program Teaches You Leadership Skills, How To Be A Good Leader, And Be Able To Express Yourself In A Way That Makes People Pay Attention, Listen And Act.
  • You, Will, Have Gained The Power To Make A Leading Change That Young People In Our Community Are Craving For. Imagine Being Able To Bring People Together And Make A Difference.
  • You Will Develop An Understanding Of How To Work Effectively Across Different Communities And Gain A Broader Perspective And Understanding Of Society.
  • You, Will, Have The Potential To Work Within The Community, In Our Youth Centres, In Schools, And Contribute Your Experience And Learning From The Program To The Public.
  • You Would Have Enhanced Your Knowledge. That Could Help You In The Career Path You Have Chosen For Yourself, Or Guide You Into A Future Career That You Never Thought Possible.

You Will Dedicate Two Days In The First Month, Then One Day A Month For The Duration Of The Program, And A Further Two Days Prior To Conclusion. It Is A Real Commitment But We Believe The Rewards Will Be Great.

Good Evidence Means Providing Recent Documents That Confirm Your Primary Disability And Its Impact On Your Everyday Life. This Also Includes Ensuring It Is Completed By The Relevant Treating Health Professional With Any Description Of Past, Present Or Future Medications And Treatments. Providing Good Evidence Will Help Speed Up The Process Time That It May Take For The NDIA To Assess And Determine Your Outcome.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Runs The NDIS And Manages Access Requests For It. The NDIA Is A Part Of The Australian Government. When You Apply To Access The NDIS, The NDIA Will First Consider Whether You Meet The Age And Residence Requirements. If Both The Age And Residence Requirements Are Met, The NDIA Will Then Consider If You Are Eligible Under Either The Disability Or Early Intervention Requirements.

In This Case, You Have The Following Options:

Once The NDIA Receives Your Access Request Form, They Read It And Check Your Information. If Additional Information They Might Contact You To Provide It. Then They Make The Decision On Your Eligibility For The NDIS.

Yes, You Can Apply For Yourself, Your Child, Or Someone You Legally Represent.

When Your Access Request Is Accepted, You Meet With The NDIA To Curate Your Plan In Alignment With Your Allocated Core, Capacity-Building Or Capital Funded Support. In This Stage, You Tailor Your Plan And Get To Know In Detail: How You Will Achieve Your Goals, And Who Will Assist You During This Journey.
You Also Need To Decide On The Choice Of Service Provider. You Can Self-Manage Your Plan Or Work With A Registered Support Coordinator Provider.
Muslimcare Is A Registered NDIS Provider, And We Work Closely With Our Clients To Assist Them In Achieving Their Goals In Accordance With Their Service Agreement.
To Learn More About What Questions To Ask Before Signing Your Service Agreement, Visit Www.Ndis.Gov.Au/Participants/Uding-Your-Plan Or Call NDIS On 1800 800 110.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Community Services To All Australians From Various Backgrounds. As A Faith-based Not For Profit Organisation, We Serve People From An Islamic Perspective And Caring Point Of View: Serving People The Way You Like To Be Served. Our Services Include But Not Limited To: Provision Of Culturally And Linguistically Appropriate Information And Referral About Services That Meet The Needs Of Our Clients. We Have Been Funded By The Commonwealth Government Department Of Health To Provide Commonwealth Health Support Program (CHSP) In A Social Support Group In Three Regions: Inner West, South West, South East And Flexible Respite In South East Region. We Are Also An Approved Home Care Provider, A Program Which Has Been Subsidised By The Commonwealth Government. Muslim Care Is An Approved Service Provider For The National Disability Assistance Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Approved Services Provider For Community Housing, And An Approved Service Provider For Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) To Clients Who Are Facing Financial Difficulties And Cannot Afford To Pay The Bills. We Organise And Deliver A General Welfare Program Targeting Youth And Families.

No, As A Faith-based Not For Profit Organization, We Serve All Australians From An Islamic Perspective And Caring Point Of View: Serving People The Way You Like To Be Served. Our Islmaic Roots Don’t Mean We Only Care For Muslims, Rather These Roots Are Our Motivation To Always Understand, And Acknowledge The Differences In Each Individual.

MuslimCare Services are available nationwide for All Australians in need.

Our Approach To Make A Positive Impact On Care Quality And Inspire The Community Is Based On These 3 Pillars:

  1. Consistent & Specialised Carers 
The Backbone Of MuslimCare Is A Team Of Passionate Skilled Interdisciplinary Professionals, Registered Nurses, And Specialised Carers.
  1. Consumer-Directed Care
Our Approach To Care Is Made Simple With Our Priority Being You. Our Carers Regularly Conduct On-Going Assessments Of Clients So That We Can Accommodate For Any Changes As We Grow Together As One.
  1. Gender-Based Care 
Your Comfort And Privacy Are Our Top Priority. Taking Into Consideration Cultural And Religious Differences, We Offer The Flexibility Of Choosing Between Male And Female Workers.

  • For Home Care Clients We Charge A Flat 20% Management Fee For All Package Levels.
  • The Management Fees Will Cover All Additional Coordination You May Require While With Us.
  • Unlike Other Providers, All Personal Care And Domestic Services, Including Gardening Are Billed At One Rate Of $55 Per Hour (Weekday Day-time).
  • We Also Offer Clinical Management Services And Wound Care From Our Registered Nurse Which Is Billed At $89 Per Hour (Weekday Day-time).
  • Transport With You Will Be Pilled At $1 Per Kilometre Travelled.
  • There Is No Call-out Fee For Any Clients.
  • More Information Is Available On Our Price Guide

At Muslim Care, We Provide You With The Car Services That Will Meet Your Identified Needs, Based On A Thorough Assessment Of Your Situation Using Our Professionally Designed Assessment Tools To Determine The Services You Need. Our Staff Has Vast Experience In The Community Sector And Case Management Practices And They Provide You With High Level Of Professional Services, And They Will Develop Your Care Plan With You And Will Review The Plans Regularly To Ensure That Any Future Changes Have Been Included And Needs Have Been Identified And Addressed On Time. We Listen To Your Needs And Respond Timely To Your Enquiries And Will Provide You With Qualified Advice And Assistance. Our Workers Come From Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (CALD) And Majority Of Our Clients Speak A Second Language That Is Spoken By Our Client Groups.

The My Aged Care Website Is Useful For Comparing Providers. www.myagedcare.gov.au/find-a-provider/

Providers Should Have A Comprehensive Pricing Schedule On Their Website. The Number Of Direct Support Hours Will Not Be The Same Across All Providers.

This May Depend On The Hours Of Care That You Require Per Week.
We Always Try To Ensure You Receive The Same Support Workers To Increase The Familiarity And Comfortability Of Our Clients. However, If You Require Higher Hours We May Have To Provide You With Two Support Workers. If There Is An Off Occasion Where We May Have To Send Out A Different Worker We Ensure To Get In Contact Beforehand.

We Have Always Prided Ourselves On The Cleanliness And Professionalism Of Our Care, However, With The Recent Outbreak Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) We Have Taken Further Precautions To Ensure The Health And Safety Of Both Our Clients And Staff.

  • All Support Workers Are To Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Including A Face Mask And Gloves At All Times, When In A Client Home.
  • All Our Carers Have Also Completed The Government COVID Safe Training And Are Fully Trained In Aged Care.
  • All Team Members Are Supplied With Their PPE Supplies (gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitisers, Aprons, Etc) And Are Required To Keep A Social Distance At All Times.

Yes, We Are Always Willing To Alter Your Package To Ensure It Suits You. All Reviews Are Complimentary Under Our Care Management Fee.
Under The Aged Care Quality Standards, Aged Care Providers Must Ensure That All Services Provided To You Are In Full Consultation And Agreement With You, The Care Recipient.

An Approved Care Provider Is An Organization That Is Registered With The Health Department. Approved Providers Get Their Status After Satisfying The Legal And Social Requirements. Only Approved Providers Can Host And Administer Care Packages On Behalf Of Consumers.

Aged Care And NDIs Clients Have The Choice And Freedom To Change Providers, But You Should Consider Some Points When You Decide To Do So:

  • Check Your Signed Service Agreement With Your Current Provider To Know Whether You Are Required To Give Notice, And When You Should Give It. Some Providers Ask To Be Given 14 Days Notice.
Muslim Care Is Happy To Accept You As A Client. Changing Providers Is A Process That Involves Both MuslimCare And Your Current Provider. To Arrange That, Please Call Us On 02 8011 0911