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Who we are

In 2014, we founded Muslimcare Australia as an act of kindness to friends and family members of the community. Since then, we have been passionately serving those in need, and getting the beautiful reward of drawing a smile on their faces.

Although there are thousands of care providers that take care of seniors, and the differently-abled, we believe our community deserves services that align with their individual, cultural, social and religious preference.

We serve seniors over 65 years old, those who have a disability, people with housing problems, and youth. However, all Australians can get our help regardless of their condition.

Our Values


We serve people from an Islamic perspective and caring point of view: Serving people the way you like to be served.


We work hard to get the satisfaction of drawing a smile on our clients' faces every day.


We honour our clients and respect their needs and differences.


Ensuring every individual has an opportunity to make the most of their lives is our ultimate goal.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; to be human means to come together as one. We always value others first, believing it is through our love for others that we can express our love for Islam. Loving others is caring for them unconditionally, from their basic survival needs; nutrition and mobility, to achieving their best life; goals and dreams… and everything in between! 

Our islamic roots don’t mean we only care for muslims, rather these roots are our motivation to always understand, and acknowledge the differences in each individual. It is through our diligence, gratitude and commitment to our duty towards others that we continue to provide quality care to whoever needs it.


so that you can keep doing what you love!


To be judged worthy of

God’s rewards.


Service all just as we would

like to be serviced


To follow the example of our

Holy prophet Muhammad (as).

Our Future

Muslimcare is constantly working towards developing and improving services for the wider community. Our experience in the educational sector has taught us the value of human resources in our community. We started with nothing but our passion to establish a successful international school. We are currently working to develop our services with a particular focus on commencing residential aged care services.

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