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We work hard to provide our seniors, people with disabilities, and others in need with holistic tailored care programs. Muslimcare facilitates and executes programs for the care and reablement of you and your loved ones. Our team embraces the values of choice and transparency to guarantee you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Message From CEO

Dear Community members,

Allow us to serve you.

To the 4,000,000 of our elders 65 years or over, the 450,000 NDIS participants in Australia, the 1,000,000 or more community members facing financial hardship and to those in need, we are here to serve you.

Guided by the Prophet’s example, we have been serving the community for 25 years looking hard for spiritual and educational needs to meet. We continue to pursue our goal to serve others the way we want to be served. We aspire not only to serve but create a capacity for all of us, all unique, from all walks of life and all backgrounds, to be served from an Islamic perspective and caring point of view.

As we get older, living independently in our own home can becomes more difficult. Even beyond the home, for activities like socialising, exercising, shopping, attending appointments, we all need a little help eventually. Muslim Care provides Aged Care services to meet the needs of elders.

 The NDIS provides an estimated 500,000 Australians who have permanent and/or a significant disability with funding for supports and services. We help NDIS recipients meet immediate support needs and achieve current and future goals.

Muslim Care is one of 187 registered community housing providers in NSW working to secure affordable rental housing for people on very low to moderate incomes, who have a housing need.

We help with other living costs through energy and water schemes, such as EAPA vouchers. Muslim care also runs youth programs and continues to develop new programs where needs are evident.

Please, if you are in need of care, allow us to serve you.

Ahmad Mokachar

CEO Of Muslimcare

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