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How Will I Benefit From The Leading Together Program?

  • This Program Teaches You Leadership Skills, How To Be A Good Leader, And Be Able To Express Yourself In A Way That Makes People Pay Attention, Listen And Act.
  • You, Will, Have Gained The Power To Make A Leading Change That Young People In Our Community Are Craving For. Imagine Being Able To Bring People Together And Make A Difference.
  • You Will Develop An Understanding Of How To Work Effectively Across Different Communities And Gain A Broader Perspective And Understanding Of Society.
  • You, Will, Have The Potential To Work Within The Community, In Our Youth Centres, In Schools, And Contribute Your Experience And Learning From The Program To The Public.
  • You Would Have Enhanced Your Knowledge. That Could Help You In The Career Path You Have Chosen For Yourself, Or Guide You Into A Future Career That You Never Thought Possible.