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FAQ Category: CHSP

Where do we go during social support groups outings?

Social Support Groups Are Centered Around Outdoor Engagement. Before Any Outing, We Conduct Extensive Research To Determine The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Our Outing Destination, So That We Put Your Health And Safety First.

Can I Get Respite Care For My Child?

Yes, You Can. Respite Care Is Not Only For Seniors. If You Are Taking Care Of A Child With A Disability, You Deserve Some Rest And Time For Yourself Too.

What if I am not eligible for CHSP?

No Worries. If You Don’t Wish To Take Part In An Assessment Or Are Not Eligible For The Commonwealth Home Support Programme, You Are Still Able To Access Aged Care Services Through Our General Welfare Services. Muslimcare Is Always Here For You Regardless Of Your Age Or Qualification To Government-Funded Programs. Read More Here Or Call Us On …

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