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FAQ Category: EAPA

How Many Vouchers Can I Get?

An EAPA Client Can Get A Maximum Of: $300 (6 Vouchers) Per Bill. $600 (12 Vouchers) Per Financial Year, Household & Energy Type (Electricity & Gas). Two EAPA Grants Per Household Per Energy Type Per Financial Year. Two EAPA Grants Per Bill.

What are the limits of EAPA vouchers?

EAPA Vouchers Have Some Limits You need to know. You Can’t Use Vouchers To Put Your Energy Account Into Credit, On Closed Accounts, Or If Your Account Has Already Been Paid.

How To Apply For EAPA?

You Can Either Contact Service NSW To Assist You With The Process Or Reach Out To Us At 02 80110911 Or Email Us At eapa@muslimcare.org.au. Inform Your Energy Provider That You Have Made An Appointment For EAPA Assessment We Will Assess Your Eligibility And Determine Whether You Are Approved For Energy Assistance And How Many …

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