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Aged Care

Our Duty To Care

Get the support you need, right at your own home.

Our elderly are treated in the same way we want to be treated ourselves. Caring for the senior members of community is an honour and a blessing. It’s also an opportunity for great spiritual growth. We love to be with you, to listen to your experiences, to share your time or to simply be there in the way you want us to.

Muslimcare is an approved aged care provider since 2014.

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Government packages

Commonwealth Home Support Program

The commonwealth home support program is a program targeting low-level support needs. It is for those who are still managing well at home, but need support services to assist them with everyday life, because sometimes simple tasks can become a difficult experience.

Home Care Packages

Home care packages offers higher intensity support, allowing you to personalise the care you need whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home for however long you may choose. We are committed to making your daily life tasks easier so that you can continue living independently. 

Get Started

Getting and planning your home care package takes some simple but necessary steps. You can call us to guide and assist you through the entire process, or you may apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Always here to help!

My Aged Care Is The Starting Point To Access Australian Government-funded Aged Care Services. The Phone Line (1800 200 422) And Website https://www.myagedcare.gov.au Can Help Older Australians, Their Families And Carers To Get The Help And Support They Need. My Aged Care Provides:

  • Information On The Different Types Of Aged Care Services Available
  • An Assessment Of Needs To Identify Eligibility And The Right Type Of Care
  • Referrals And Support To Find Service Providers That Can Meet Your Needs
  • Information On What You Might Need To Pay Towards The Cost Of Your Care.

The Australian Government Provides Subsidies (Funding) For Home Care Services Through The Home Care Packages And The Commonwealth Home Support Program, Which Make Up The Majority Of A Consumer’s Home Care Budget - These Are Referred To As Subsidies And Supplements.

No, Government Funding Does Not Always Cover The Entire Cost Of Services Needed And Depending On Your Income, You May Have To Make A Client Contribution. These Additional Costs Are Referred To As Fees. There Are Two Types Of Fees That You May Need To Pay Depending On Your Circumstances; Basic Daily Fee, Or An Income-Tested Care Fee Which Is Calculated By The Government.

There Are Two Kinds Of Fees That Providers May Ask You To Pay: A Basic Daily Fee And An Income-Tested Care Fee.

  • The Basic Daily Fee Is A Fee Set By The Department Of Health That May Be Asked By An Approved Provider. It Is Not Compulsory For Providers To Charge This Amount, But You Must Check If They Do As This Cost Can Be Up To $10 Per Day.
  • An Income-Tested Care Fee Is A Compulsory Fee That Care Recipients Must Pay If Their Income Is Over The Maximum Income For A Full Pensioner. This Could Cost Up To $30.86 Per Day.You Could Pay Up To $15.43 Per Day If You:  - Are Single Earning Over $27,840.80. - Are A Member Of A Couple Living Together Earning Over $21,606.00. - Are A Member Of A Couple Living Apart Due To Illness Earning Over $27,320.80. You Could Pay Between $15.43 - $30.86 If You: - Are Single Earning Over $53,731.60. - Are A Member Of A Couple Living Together Earning Over $41,121.60. - Are A Member Of A Couple Living Apart Due To Illness Earning Over $53,211.60.
  • Other Providers May Charge Fees For Other Items In Your Service Agreement At Their Discretion, These May Include A Signing Fee Or Entry Fee, Assessment Fees And Exit Fees.
  • Muslim Care Does Not Charge The Basic Daily Fee And Only Applies The Exit Fee If You Have Available Home Care Subsidy (this Amount Will Not Be Billed To You Personally) To Maintain Records For Legal Purposes.
Please Use This Calculator To Estimate Your Fees: Https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/fee-estimator?fe_type_of_care=home_care 

Yes, Of Course, You Can.
When You Nominate Muslim Care As Your Preferred Home Care Provider, We Will Contact You And Organise A Time To Get To Know Each Other, So We Can Understand Your Individual Needs. We Are Committed To Developing A Strong Relationship Of Trust And Transparency With Our Clients, So That They May Receive The Best Care, More In Tune With Their Needs.
Together, Along With Any Family Or Friends Of Your Choosing, We Will Develop A Care Plan Outlining The Services You Will Receive.
With Full Transparency, We Communicate The Terms And Conditions Of Your Plan, And Work With You To Ensure You Have A Comprehensive Understanding Of How Your Plan Works.

The Aged Care Quality Standards Are In Place To Uphold Your Rights As A Care Recipient. You Have The Following Rights:

  1.  I Am Treated With Dignity And Respect And Can Maintain My Identity. I Can Make Informed Choices About My Care And Services, And Live The Life I Choose.
  2.  I Am A Partner In Ongoing Assessment And Planning That Helps Me Get The Care And Services I Need For My Health And Well-being.
  3.  I Get Personal Care, Clinical Care, Or Both Personal Care And Clinical Care, Which Is Safe And Right For Me.
  4.  I Get The Services And Supports For Daily Living That Is Important For My Health And Well-being And That Enable Me To Do The Things I Want To Do.
  5.  I Feel I Belong And I Am Safe And Comfortable In The Organizations' Service Environment.
  6. I Feel Safe And Am Encouraged And Supported To Give Feedback And Complaints, And Appropriate Action Is Taken.
  7. I Get Quality Care And Services When I Need Them From People Who Are Knowledgeable, Capable, And Caring.
  8. I Am Confident The Organization Is Well Run. I Can Partner In Improving The Delivery Of Care And Services
At Muslim Care, We Continue To Revise And Update Our Continuous Improvement Plan.

You Are Protected Under The Aged Care Quality Standards. Your Rights And Choices Need To Be Respected, And You Should Be Able To Work With Your Provider To Partner In Creating An Appropriate Service For Your Health And Well¬-being. You Also Have The Right To Feel Safe And Are Encouraged To Give Feedback And Make Complaints.If You Are Not Happy With Your Existing Provider, You Have The Right To Change Providers. My Aged Care Booklet "Your Guide To Home Care Package Services" Explains This Process In More Detail.

No worries. If you don’t wish to take part in an assessment or are not eligible for Home Care Packages, you are still able to access aged care services through Our General Welfare Services. General Welfare Services. We At Muslimcare Do Our Best To Aid Those Undergoing Hardships, And Relieve Their Burdens Regardless Of Age, Residence, Or The Circumstances They Need Help With. Read More Here  Or Call Us On 02 8011 0911 And We Will Be Happy To Assist You.

If you wish to change providers simply contact a new provider and discuss with them your needs. You will then contact My Aged Care and request referral code reactivation. The new referral code is then given to your new provider. My Aged Care booklet "Your Guide to Home Care Package services" explains this process in more detail.

We Can Offer Services To All Areas Of The Sydney Metropolitan Area. If You Are Out Of Sydney, Please Get In Contact As We May Still Be Able To Accommodate You.