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Community Housing

Affordable accommodation options

Accommodation is a basic need necessary for both mental and physical health. Many people are suffering homelessness conditions due to the dramatic increase in costs of accommodation over the recent years. That’s why Muslimcare is committed to help you find accommodation options you can afford.

Our community housing options include affordable, social, and support housing options. These options are meant to meet the needs of those with very low, low, and moderate income. So if you need urgent help finding a house, or you are a refugee trying to settle down and find a shelter, know you are not alone. Muslimcare is ready to lend you a hand.

Muslimcare values transparency and aims to conduct not-for-profit work in accordance with government laws and regulations through the implementation of protocols that ensure decisions are made to achieve rational outcomes. You can view our extensive Community Housing Policies by clicking the Policies button.

External Help

Homelessness services and affordable housing options are also provided by other establishments and organizations, both private and government-related.

The following providers may be able to help!

Affordable housing

Long-term housing options for individuals or couples who can’t find alternative accommodation options on their own due to age or financial obstacles.

How it works

The affordable housing program mainly serves the elderly (55 years old or more) who need an affordable housing option, but can’t do it independently. It is priced to help individuals and couples living on a low to moderate income. Affordable care program options also allow you to pay for accommodation without losing the ability to afford other basic living needs such as food, healthcare, clothing, and education.

 If you are interested in getting our help finding an accommodation option that suits your needs, call us now, or register your interest. Our team will guide you through all the required procedures.

Social Housing

Secure affordable long-term housing options for those living on low incomes with housing needs. This program is offered by the NSW government via the department of family and community services.

How it works

Although this is an external help option, we are happy to guide you if you choose to call us before applying.

Support Housing

Support and assistance for families looking for Affordable long-term housing. This program is for families with children under 18 years old facing homelessness conditions due to domestic violence or being refugees.

How it works

Our team will discuss your needs with you to determine the steps needed to find you a housing option that suits your income, and family members number.