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General Welfare

Support for everyone

We all can be in a dire need for help regardless of age, residence, or the circumstances we need help with. Despite the wide range of government-funded programs and services, they are not enough to help everyone. Muslimcare takes it upon itself to aid those undergoing hardships, and relieve their burdens through a variety of general welfare services. 

What We Offer

EAPA Scheme

Get our help paying your current household energy bills.

Private Care

Empowering a generation of skilled leaders.

Parental Classes

Help, guidance, and relief for parents as they bring up their kids.

EAPA Scheme

Unexpected Bills, Reduced Income, Or Job Loss Can All Be Unforeseen Hardships. The Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme (EAPA) Helps Australians In Financial Crises Pay Their Current Household Energy Bills.

How does it work?

The EAPA scheme operates through a digital voucher system. Vouchers are transmitted electronically to energy retailers who credit the vouchers as part payment of a customer’s energy bills. Retailers are reimbursed by the NSW Government.

What makes me Eligible?

You have to have an eligibility assessment by a NSW Government representative or an approved Non-Government EAPA provider. To be eligible, you need to be in a financial hardship caused by:

You Also Must:

Private Care

Private Care is an exclusive Muslimcare program dedicated to provide support and access to all our services to all those in need, regardless of their age or qualification. If you need help, but do not meet the age, financial or residential requirements for Government-Funded HCP, CHSP or NDIS dervices, Muslimcare can still happily help you out.

Who is it for?

Services Available

Personal care

Nursing Services

Domestic Assistance

Mobility & Dexterity

Allied Health & Therapy


Private Care Price List

Download our full guide for Private care services price list.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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  1. You Can Either Contact Service NSW To Assist You With The Process Or Reach Out To Us At 02 80110911 Or Email Us At eapa@muslimcare.org.au.
  2. Inform Your Energy Provider That You Have Made An Appointment For EAPA Assessment
  3. We Will Assess Your Eligibility And Determine Whether You Are Approved For Energy Assistance And How Many Vouchers Will Be Applied To Your Account.
  4. Your Vouchers Will Be Submitted Electronically Straight To The Provider And They Will Be Paid Into Your Account Within 14 Business Days.
  5. We Can Help You Arrange A Payment Plan With Your Provider For The Remainder Of The Bill.

EAPA Vouchers Have Some Limits You need to know. You Can’t Use Vouchers To Put Your Energy Account Into Credit, On Closed Accounts, Or If Your Account Has Already Been Paid.

Each EAPA Voucher Is Worth $50.

An EAPA Client Can Get A Maximum Of:

  • $300 (6 Vouchers) Per Bill.
  • $600 (12 Vouchers) Per Financial Year, Household & Energy Type (Electricity & Gas).
  • Two EAPA Grants Per Household Per Energy Type Per Financial Year.
  • Two EAPA Grants Per Bill.

You Are Not Eligible For EAPA If You:

  • Use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) For Gas Supply.
  • Live In Embedded Networks (E.G. Some Strata Plans, Retirement Villages And Residential Parks).
  • Have Already Paid Your Energy Bill.
  • Have A Business Account.
  • Are Not The Account Holder And The Bill Is In Another Person’s Name.
  • Have Closed Your Energy Account.
  • Have Been Assessed To Be Ineligible For EAPA For The Current Billing Period.
  • Have Received EAPA In The Past 6 Months For The Same Energy Account.

Your Insurance Company Or Doctor Can Refer You To Us, If You Mention You Would Like Help From MuslimCare Rather Than Going To Rehab.

Don’t Let This Prevent You From Contacting Us. Muslimcare Can Work Together With You To Figure Out The Best Course Of Action To Help You.

No, Private Care Is Not Government-Funded. To Access Private Care Services, You Pay For It Through Your Personal Insurance Provider, Or Directly From Your Own Pocket.