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Commonwealth Health Support Program (CHSP)

Through the CHSP, we provide you with the right support to help you live independently in the comfort of your home.
The Commonwealth Home Support Programme is an entry-level Government-funded program targeting low-level support needs.
If you are able to manage, but need support with a few tasks, you could be eligible for subsidised support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).


When you are assessed, the main factors determining your eligibility are your support needs and your age. You must meet one of these criteria to access CHSP.


(ِ Available for All Regions)Social Support Group

Social Gatherings And Outings To Encourage Seniors To Participate In Community Life And Expand Their Social Skills.

 (Only Available To The Southeast Region)Flexible Respite Care

Providing Relief And Peace Of Mind For Caregivers, While We Temporarily Take Care Of Their Loved One.

Home Care Packages Might Be More Appropriate For You.

Are Your Needs More Complex?

Social Support Groups

Our social support groups are designed to give you a break from your routine home environment, and experience the joy of indoor and outdoor activities. You can enjoy a relaxing time indoors, socialising over some tea and coffee, staying updated with the latest news and why not have a little fun with a game of bingo, or two! You also can enjoy the day relaxing out in the community. It is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and create long-lasting friendships. We understand how tiresome being at home can get sometimes, and we want you to feel alive!

How does it work?

Before any activity, we conduct extensive research to determine the suitability of activities and venues, putting your health and safety first. This is offered as an optional service within the HCP or CHSP plan. To participate in the social groups, contact us on 02 8011 0911 and we will guide you through the process.

What Are The Benefits?

Participating in social support groups indoors and outdoors is a golden chance for you to get away from your daily life routine, stay active, meet new people, and enjoy a variety of activities.

What Are The Outcomes?

Our main aim of these social activities is that you enjoy the mental and physical advantages of staying active as you get older.

Flexible Respite care

Respite Care is short-term service available to a person and their caregiver. We designed respite care to allow caregivers to take time out for themselves whilst ensuring that the person receiving care is being looked after by well-trusted professionals.

How does it work?

Respite Care can range from just a few hours a week to overnight stays and can take place during weekdays or weekends. At Muslimcare, we provide Respite Care services where you can attend social and recreational activities, while supported by highly trained staff. It is the perfect choice for our loved ones who deserve a break from their role as caregivers, as they can rest assured knowing Muslimcare will 

always be there.

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